Our fruits are produced in a unique climate bordering on the Vistula on the special soil irrigated by the Vistula. The Vistula alluvial soil is one of the best soils for horticultural cultivation.

Currently, apple trees of the following varieties constitute a majority of the cultivated plants:

Jonagold Early Quine,
Red Jona Prince,
Jonagored Supra,
Golden Delicious Rainders,

We also produce pears of the following varieties:
Konferencja i Lukasówka.

In our farm, we have a controlled atmosphere cold store, where we store fruits after the harvest until summer. In such conditions, our apples are fresh , juicy and of the highest quality after the storage.

Our production in the orchards is conducted in accordance with the IPO* rules [Integrowana Produkcja Owoców] – Integrated Fruit Production.

*IPO – [Integrowana Produkcja Owoców] – Integrated Fruit Production is the highest quality production of, among others, fruits that gives priority to non-chemical methods, minimizing undesirable side-effects of the agrochemicals applied, with particular consideration of the protection of the environment and human health. In order to obtain a high-quality yield crop, the IP applies selective or partly selective crop protection measures. It is also extremely important that pesticides be used only when the quantity of pest exceeds the damage threshold. In order to maintain it,, it is therefore necessary to regularly inspect the presence of pests, diseases, and weeds in the fruits. These actions constitute the basic element of rational plant protection.