Recently, we have come up with an idea to produce natural juices on our Fruit Farm. We have decided that our juices would be produced in accordance with a traditional cold-pressed method, and packed by means of the bag-in-box system. It obviously excludes the use of preservatives and other artificial additives in our juices. The juice is pressed from fresh fruits, which is appreciated by those who pay much attention to healthy and nutritious life style. We drink it all year long and test tastes of different varieties on our closest friends :) Why should you not try it?

A small-scale production is performed by a family company from their own fruits (produced by means of the IPO* method), which is the best guarantee of quality. Our juices are 100% natural! They are produced only from fresh and healthy fruits. Thanks to that, they keep their exceptional aroma and all the ingredients present in the apples.

Natural juices are rich in vitamins. They are also one of the richest sources of fiber which improves digestion and, thus, prevents alimentary canal diseases. Consuming apple juice every day impacts on health and the overall body condition.

We offer juices in bag-in-box cartons. This is a unique packaging system that helps the juices remain fresh for 14 days after the opening and partial emptying. A small tap is constructed in a way which does not allow air inside and the bag shrinks as the juice is consumed.