Apple Juice (NFC)* –
100% natural, no preservatives,
no sugar and water added

- bag-in-box**  carton 3 litres
- bag-in-box**  carton 5 litres

New juice tastes on offer soon!!!

Wholesale apples and pears, varieties:

Gala, Sampion, Ligol, Jonagold Early Quine, Red Jona Prince, Jonagored Supra, Golden Delicious Rainders, Mutsu, Gloster, Najdared

Information about the offer – please call: +48 514 633 334.

*NFC – Not From Concentrate

**Bag-in-box– Bag-in-Box system was created for packing groceries and maintaining its values for a longer time. A barrier bag protects a product inside against the action of oxygen (air), and a special valve – tap, that doses liquids, allows to repeatedly draw the content without introducing air into the package. It prevents the product from turning bad. This elastic bag, depending on the size, is inserted into a carton. Products packed in Bag-in-Box maintain their initial properties for a long time without the need of adding preservatives.