Our Company

Horticulture is our passion; it gives us satisfaction and pleasure. There is nothing more pleasant than a walk in a blossoming orchard in the spring and watching maturing apples in the autumn. Invaluable!

Here, on the Fruit Farm, we produce delicious, juicy apples, from which the wonderful juice is created with an exceptional aroma.

A bit of history…
The first tree was planted by our great-grandfather Feliks who together with the great grandmother Helena ,our grandfather Wladyslaw got the horticultural bug from. Continuing the tradition, our father began the horticultural studies. Then he trained on one of the largest apple farms in the U.S. - Auville Fruit Company (www.auvilfruit.com).

On his return, he then began to work as an instructor in the Horticultural Cooperative Society, and consequently implemented the know-how learnt in the United States on the farm. For the grandfather, it meant the real transformation, whereas for the father – modernity and innovation.

We also grew on the farm, watching how beautiful fruits grow from the pink flowers. Continuing family passion, we also graduated from the Horticultural Department. We have been dedicated to implementing new ideas and solutions to our products.